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Games Done Quick is a Very Fun Thing

Taking a moment away from LoL discussion to mention Games Done Quick. Their summer marathon was all last week, and there was rarely a waking hour when I didn’t have it on in the background. This year they raised over two million dollars for Doctors Without Borders.

Besides Legends of Localization, being the GDQ representative is my other main job at Fangamer. It started a mere 2 years ago, when Kari Fry introduced me to GDQ’s prize guy so that I could donate some LoL books as prizes. Then Fangamer was asked to be a sponsor. Now we make official GDQ merchandise! And most of it is available year-round, which is a fact that’s hard to promote when there’s not an event happening.

But hey, now you know. Check out Fangamer’s GDQ lineup! 20% of all sales still go to GDQ.