Special Book Signing

Back when the EarthBound LoL book was first released, we offered to sign books if people asked. I liked to do personalized messages and one person used that to dare me into signing a piece of toilet paper rather than the book itself. Well I managed to sign the toilet paper after some trial and error learning.

Unfortunately it’s not as feasible to do personalized messages anymore. You can still get a signed copy of our books but they probably won’t have anything more than just our autographs and tiny drawings of things.

4 thoughts on “Special Book Signing”

  1. That was me. I included the quote from Mr. Spoon wanting Venus’s autograph. I didn’t think you’d actually do it.

  2. My favorite parts of your signings are the sketches fortunately. I was very surprised to get a two-page spread from both of you AND Tony on both books I ordered. Thanks so much for the dedication, and i’ll take what you are willing to do.

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