LoL Corner in the Fangamer Office

Tucked away in the corner of Fangamer’s photo studio / archive room is the Legends of Localization corner (in that cabinet).

It’s usually filled to the brim when we’re working on a big book project, but right now it’s pretty tame inside~

You can see there’s some leftover EarthBound stuff that I still need to return to their owners!

Vroom in the Buggy Sky

I’ve been playing through the Japanese version of “Vroom in the night sky” to screenshot all of the lines of text in the game. That means I have to spend a lot of time in levels racking up the points. In doing so, I’ve discovered a few funny bugs:

  • I clipped through the floor in the sunset beach level
  • Myself and the purple witch sometimes get stuck in the palm trees
  • The purple witch started bouncing up and down, and then got stuck when she landed on top of my head (pictured above)

Despite all the horrible reviews it’s gotten, this is one of my favorite games on the Switch~

Unintentional Zelda Museum

We had to buy a lot of Zelda merchandise when we were working on the first book (we didn’t want to steal any photos from the internet, so we took our own). Now that the book is published, all that merchandise is displayed around the Fangamer office. Here’s a portion:


Legends of Localization has its own little spot in the Fangamer office to store the various bits and bobs relating to each project. Today we found a forgotten box of bonuses that were include with the first 500 copies of the deluxe edition of the Zelda book. We kept some in case we needed them for customer service, but maybe we’ll give them out with random orders now.

(Note: Zelda II was not a bonus, lol)

Booked Up to November

The LoL team had a meeting yesterday, and Tony the Designer laid out a big ol’ schedule for the rest of the year. It’s good to see it all laid out visually, but it also means we have to get all that work done!