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Showers of Localization

While in the shower last Thursday I suddenly decided that hey, maybe I should make a dedicated page for the bad translation galleries we have on the main site. So I moved things around and added a Zero Wing gallery at the start of the series, then tweeted out the new page link. I thought it’d be a popular series, but it seems I underestimated the power of bad translations:

I guess it makes a lot of sense though – we made our bad translation book largely to be an introduction to LoL as a whole, and the book immediately got super popular as soon as it was announced. In a way, this is the same deal, the bad translation galleries will hopefully entertain enough to introduce the LoL site to readers who never would’ve noticed it otherwise.

I accidentally skipped over gallery #6 so I’ll probably go back and fill it in with Breath of Fire 2 highlights. After that, there’s a lot of games that we could add to the bad translation series. Hopefully it’ll be a new, strong pillar for the site in the long run.

You Are Involved in a Crie

Yesterday I was looking through server logs and realized I should probably prevent image hotlinking on all the stuff in the LoL research section – with something like 50,000+ images on there it was really bogging stuff down. I decided at the last minute to provide a replacement pic, so I spent 15 seconds finding something. That something is this:

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the LoL 404 page you might enjoy it too: link