Got a Bite from a Book Distributor

UPDATE! Last week I was scared to contact book distributors, but Mato’s advice about “attacking the problem” and the encouragement I got from the comments helped me to knock out my goal in one day.

And today the fruits of that labor are already forming! Well, maybe the fruit blossoms are blooming.

I got a call from one of the book distributors yesterday and had a very business-y conversation about contracts, industry databases, percentages, volume of sales, deadlines, etc etc. I learned a ton, and boy there’s so much to consider when it comes to serious distribution.

We’re not there yet, but the train is moving!

Nightmare Mario

In my work improving the main LoL site, I needed to get a better scan of that weird, creepy cover of that Mario comic for this page. The scanner software had defaulted to “Text” when I opened it up, and I was greeted by the most horrific image of Mario I’ve ever seen:

Not that the color version is nicer to look at, but holy crap.

Stop Poisoning my Pies!

I’m on day ??? of organizing our big folder full of localization pics. Some game series have so many localization mishaps that I’ve given them their own folder. Most recently I added Breath of Fire, Ace Attorney, Harvest Moon, SMT, and Persona. And there’s also a Mario folder, not because those games have a lot of mistakes, but because it’s surprising when a mistake slips by the editors and QA team at Nintendo.

Below is my favorite pic of the day. I don’t know what game it’s from, but holy goodness gracious, that sounds like a horrible ailment. What an awful person!

Come to think of it, a non-poisoned marsupial pie doesn’t sound all that appealing.

Everyone’s Dad & Uncle Works Somewhere

I recently announced a new book about Mother 3 that I’ve been working on – it actually started out in Jan. 2017 as a small article for EarthBound Central, grew too big to be an article, so I was gonna turn it into its own special page, but then it got too big for that too. It wound up book-sized, so I figured okay let’s make it into a book, and with 2018 being the 10th anniversary of the translation patch, it’d fit pretty well.

The book’s not about Mother 3’s translation or Mother 3 itself, but rather the cycle of rumors and hoaxes and hopes and expectations and disappointments that have persisted for 23 years now. Tony the book guy suggested trying to go for a “crazy conspiracy” theme with everything linked together like someone investigating a bizarre mystery. So I threw together this crappy concept pic in about two minutes.

I doubt the end product will look anything along these lines, but it’s a funny premise to think about!

Searching for Book Distributors is Scary

In order to help Legends of Localization grow, we gotta get our books into real bookstores. I’ve been terrified of this task for months because it’s new territory that I know nothing about. This always happens when I’m faced with something new like this: I get scared and put it off, then I push through the terror and get it done, and eventually it’ll become a normal thing that I’m not scared of anymore. Pushing through the terror is the reason I’m not afraid to host a stream anymore. I’ve also gotten more used to cold emailing people to request something.

And as I was writing this post, I explained to Mato how I was feeling about it, and gave me some advice that his father gave him:

If you’re feeling scared of something, instead of avoiding it, attack it. Then you become the threat. And you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Okay! With that in mind, here I go…!

Journeying Through Mario Odyssey in English and Japanese

Yesterday, Mato & I started our game-cataloging journey through Super Mario Odyssey. We’re playing through both the English and Japanese versions and getting crisp, high-quality PNG screenshots of all the text in the game. We’re also streaming the journey! Join us on Twitch Mondays through Fridays at 5pm AZ time (currently MST), chat with us, and give us tips! We’ll be streaming on that schedule until we finish the game.

And here’s the archive of Day 1 if you missed it:

LoL Prizes at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

We’ve donated handfuls of Legends of Localization books as Awesome Games Done Quick prizes! You can be entered for a chance to win one if you donate during these runs:

  • [Wednesday] Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga – LoL Book 2: EarthBound + MOTHER 2 Passport
  • [Thursday] Awful Games Done Quick block (Arabian Nights to Deadly Towers) – This be book bad translation, video games!
  • [Saturday] The Legend of Zelda NES – LoL Book 1: The Legend of Zelda + Zelda Passport
  • [Saturday] Final Fantasy IV – press start to translate
  • [Saturday] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – LoL Book 1: The Legend of Zelda + Zelda Passport

The days up there are based on timezones within the US, and definitely check the AGDQ schedule to see when the games will be run in your timezone. Fangamer and their partners have donated even more prizes, so you have plenty of chances to win some free stuff all while donating to the Prevent Cancer Foundation~

I also think it’s funny that the only Final Fantasy game being run is FF4, which was perfect for our “press start” book as a prize 😀

LoL at MAGFest 2018!

Are you at MAGFest this weekend? Every single Legends of Localization book is there too! Stop by the Fangamer booth to pick up a copy or two, if you desire.

I was planning to go to MAG to work at the FG booth, but some things came up, so I’m actually not there. I’m kinda glad, too, after seeing what the weather’s been like on the east coast this week. x_x Stay warm, my MAGFest friends!

Move Over, Dr. Wowee!

Day 2 of mega file organization. Here are some of my folder names: Booze to Coffee, L/R, References, SNK, Soft Hard, Wrong, YES NO.

And here’s the pic that made me laugh the most today:

Let’s Organizing!

A new year is the perfect time to scrub through all your files and put things in order. Right now I’ve taken on the monstrous task of organizing Mato’s big, unruly “Localization Pics” folder. It’s full of images he’s been dumping in there for years, and most have file names like DNw8ZYSWkAEBD55.jpg

I’d like to share my favorite pic from today’s organization session:

Imagine working at Sega and being the one who has to fix this and then tell people about it, haha.