The First Official LoL GameCats Meeting

Camp Fangamer 2018 was this past weekend. It was a fun and weird celebration of Fangamer’s 10th anniversary, complete with multiple Reids and VR chats. Mato & I had a business lunch meeting with the Legends of Localization GameCats (game catalogers) at a local 50s-themed diner. Witness Danny McElvis:

Mato described the meeting as “surreal” because he was discussing some in-depth Final Fantasy VI stuff and everybody knew what he was talking about. Lucklight, Dominator, DannyMcGee, and Luck’s friend Doge were there~


4 thoughts on “The First Official LoL GameCats Meeting”

  1. It was a really nice lunch! It was a little surreal for me just meeting you guys in person. Maybe it was because I’m used to only communicating with you on like a 10 second delay through twitch chat 😛

    I was afraid I might be kinda nervous, but it just felt really natural hanging with you guys.

  2. Yeah, shame I couldn’t be there too. Sadly, it’s a trend that’s likely to continue into the foreseeable future, as my access to Arizona is pretty badly limited.

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