Fantasy Gradients

We have a new section on the website! Now you can browse articles by series. Take a look here~

Most of the old thumbnails need to be replaced, so I’ve been working on that today. I’m a novice at photo editing software, so I spent a long time messing around with gradients to make this simple thumbnail for the Final Fantasy section:

That took longer that I was hoping, but it came out nice. Hopefully I’ll be fully done with thumbnails by tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Gradients”

  1. The Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Persona, and Shin Megami Tensei sections all use the same thumbnail — I assume the thumbs were auto-generated from the articles in the category, but it’s a bit odd.

  2. Huh. I thought you’d made a typo with the katakana, but it turns out it really is called “Final Fantaji” in Japan.

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