You Are Involved in a Crie

Yesterday I was looking through server logs and realized I should probably prevent image hotlinking on all the stuff in the LoL research section – with something like 50,000+ images on there it was really bogging stuff down. I decided at the last minute to provide a replacement pic, so I spent 15 seconds finding something. That something is this:

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the LoL 404 page you might enjoy it too: link

3 thoughts on “You Are Involved in a Crie”

  1. Now if only the comment spam could be gotten under control so I’m not thwarted by a “comments are temporarily disabled” message almost every time I post anything. 😛

    I remember the first time I triggered an anti-piracy warning in a video game; it was when I was playing Super Metroid with a Game Genie. “WARNING: It is a serious crime to copy video games.” Then it deletes all your savegames, which was pretty harsh. Did mean that I never again forgot the master code you have to enter to disable the piracy checks, though! 🙂

    1. I just added your info to the main site’s comment whitelist, so hopefully things work for you now. I might also try going back to the normal anti-spam system to see if things have improved with it lately.

    2. I got the anti-piracy message when I bought a copy of Donkey Kong Country from ebay many years ago. I figured it was something bad set in the SRAM so I just spammed the Reset button a few times specifically to trigger the data-erasure the manuals warned me against. 😀
      Game seemed to work fine after that.

      So do you allow hotlinking in Japan then? Or are they going to crie too? 😉

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