Book Stuff Archive


Legends of Localization has its own little spot in the Fangamer office to store the various bits and bobs relating to each project. Today we found a forgotten box of bonuses that were include with the first 500 copies of the deluxe edition of the Zelda book. We kept some in case we needed them for customer service, but maybe we’ll give them out with random orders now.

(Note: Zelda II was not a bonus, lol)

Booked Up to November

The LoL team had a meeting yesterday, and Tony the Designer laid out a big ol’ schedule for the rest of the year. It’s good to see it all laid out visually, but it also means we have to get all that work done!

Proof of the LoL EB Book

It’s already time for a reprint of Legends of Localization Book 2: EarthBound. Last week, we received the book proof from our printing company. This is the final step in book publishing before a book goes to print. We need to check each page and make sure nothing is wrong, and I especially watch out for pages that may accidentally be in there twice (a flub that happened to the MOTHER 3 Handbook many years back).

The proof comes spiral-bound and it’s printed on a lesser printer than the big machines that print the real books. The EarthBound book is THICK:

If we spot a problem on the proof, we need to mark it on the page with a sticky note, and also note it on the sign-off sheet so the printers know where to look. You really don’t want to have to make changes at this point, though, because they get expensive.

The proof of our book covers always looks really weird, as none of the color is there. Plus, there are additional transparencies laid on top for things like spot varnish and debossing effects (are these terms confusing yet? I’ll make a post explaining them later). The obi/book sash is also a separate part that we need to check.

We’re gonna send the proof back today, then the shipment of new LoL books should be here in about two months!