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LoL Prizes at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

We’ve donated handfuls of Legends of Localization books as Awesome Games Done Quick prizes! You can be entered for a chance to win one if you donate during these runs:

  • [Wednesday] Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga – LoL Book 2: EarthBound + MOTHER 2 Passport
  • [Thursday] Awful Games Done Quick block (Arabian Nights to Deadly Towers) – This be book bad translation, video games!
  • [Saturday] The Legend of Zelda NES – LoL Book 1: The Legend of Zelda + Zelda Passport
  • [Saturday] Final Fantasy IV – press start to translate
  • [Saturday] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – LoL Book 1: The Legend of Zelda + Zelda Passport

The days up there are based on timezones within the US, and definitely check the AGDQ schedule to see when the games will be run in your timezone. Fangamer and their partners have donated even more prizes, so you have plenty of chances to win some free stuff all while donating to the Prevent Cancer Foundation~

I also think it’s funny that the only Final Fantasy game being run is FF4, which was perfect for our “press start” book as a prize 😀