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Japanese Box Art – Comedies Part 2

Here’s the final clump of box art from Japanese versions of American movies. More comedies!

The Addams Family

There’s nothing particularly weird about this one, I just like how the screenshots are at silly angles and Thing is pointing at stuff. It looks like something I’d design myself.

Home Alone

This one hits all the right marks. You get to see Kevin goofing around on his own (I love the popcorn shot), his cunning expression when he’s setting traps, and there’s even some slapstick of Harry getting his head set on fire.

Wayne’s World

The layout and design of this one brings back feelings of the early 90s big time. I love the translated exclamations all around the box, hehe. And dang, they even show the Terminator 2 reference!

Stand By Me

Okay this one isn’t a comedy, but I didn’t have enough “coming of age” movies to make a separate post for it. I just thought it was fascinating that they prominently show a kid holding a gun on the back cover, especially since handguns are outlawed in Japan. I guess guns make things seem more American? ;_;