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Cute Japanese Let’s Player on YouTube

I’ve been scrubbing through Japanese Let’s Plays of Dark Souls 2, trying to find blind playthroughs so that the player would hopefully be interested enough in the cat to talk to her a lot. I had a suspicion that the cat, who calls a few beings the “Four Old Ones” in English, would call them the “Four Heavenly Kings” in the Japanese subtitles. A lot of people talked to the cat only a few times and then left, so I went through about six LPs before I found what I needed.

On the way there, I stumbled across a Japanese LPer who plays lots of games, including the Soulsbornes, Outlast, Gone Home, Journey, Dragon Quest Builders, Minecraft, etc etc etc.

Her name is Lily and you can find her videos here! It’s really refreshing hearing a soft and inquisitive voice in a Let’s Play :3