Why the Wig?

Well, this arrived in the mail today. We’re using it in an upcoming LoL project. Can you guess what we’re working on?

4 thoughts on “Why the Wig?”

  1. My first thought is it’s something to do with the way Nintendo’s leading ladies invariably went blonde at some point in their careers — Peach and Zelda started as redheads and went brown first before winding up blonde, and Samus, if memory serves, had green hair at first.

    1. Peach and Zelda were always blondes… in the concept art, IIRC. Due to the limitations the NES placed on sprites, though, their hair colors needed to be changed in-game. In SMB3, Peach had black hair, also due to sprite limitations, though there were techniques to somewhat alleviate them by then.

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