Legends of Localization in Schools

A handful of schools around the world use our Legends of Localization books as textbooks in their classes. Today I got an order for 24 Zelda passports going to Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo, Japan. An instructor there uses our passports for the game localization portion of his course. His students are from all over the world, so it’s pretty cool to think about the different sorts of people who are using the Zelda passports for learning!

PS – if you’re an instructor who wants to use our Legends of Localization books as textbooks, please email me! We offer educational discounts. heidi@fangamer.com

1 thought on “Legends of Localization in Schools”

  1. That’s awesome! Now you just gotta milk it by changing the version every other year so everyone has to buy new ones, just like a real text book 😛

    Also, holy crap that webpage is busy. So many things…

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