Ah Yes, a “Realistic Price” Indeed

I’ve seen a handful of people flip our Legends of Localization books for stupid high prices on second-hand markets like ebay and amazon. Nothin’ we can do about it, so I try to find amusement from it. The worst is someone asking $2,000 for the Zelda book in “used, acceptable” condition, hah. But I saw this today and couldn’t stop laughing:

“Realistic price”, lmao. Dude. We sell it new for $29. I hope nobody falls for this!

1 thought on “Ah Yes, a “Realistic Price” Indeed”

  1. But this guy offers no sales tax, can you match that! 😀
    (actually, doesn’t sales tax legally depend on where the buyer lives in relation to where the seller lives?)
    Well from what I read the seller (at least if they’re a business is only responsible to collect from the same state, otherwise the buyer is still supposed to report it to their state tax man but of course nobody does that.) Though it’s not to say they CAN’T collect sales tax regardless (as Nintendo had started to do on Wii Shop Points purchases, asking for the user’s County so it can presumably look up what their tax is).

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