A Neo Geo Distraction

Mato & I were at the Fangamer office having an LoL meeting with Tony today in one of the conference rooms. We got distracted by some complete copies of Japanese Neo Geo games in there, and holy cow these carts are huge!

There was a comic in the instruction manual, too. I saw a CUSS! (But seriously, Mato wanted me to snap this pic for the the “DON” sound effect used for knocking in Japan)

3 thoughts on “A Neo Geo Distraction”

  1. Neo Geo carts being big makes sense, since that’s arcade machine hardware you’re dealing with. Unfortunately, that’s also why the Neo Geo was so expensive compared to other home consoles.

    Also, is it just me, or do a lot of Engrish-happy characters in games (like Terry there) like to cuss (in Engrish)?

    1. Isn’t Terry Bogard supposed to be American, though? He’s probably an amalgamation of Japanese stereotypes about Americans. Engrish and swearing seem on point for that.

    2. I think the price of NeoGeo carts would be expensive because of the insane amount of memory they used (compared to other cartridge consoles of the time).

      I Googled for what the average weight of a NeoGeo cart was, and it said about half a kilogram, which I think it roughly a pound.

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