Lufia & Estpolis Denki Cheat Codes

One of the LoL game cataloging dudes is starting on Lufia 1 and found some infinite HP/MP cheat codes for the English game. He needed the same codes but for the Japanese version, so I did some quick ROM debugging and figured out the equivalent cheat codes. So, if you’re playing Lufia or Estpolis Denki and want infinite HP & MP, here are the codes:

Lufia 1
8236-0F34 – infinite HP
823A-0FC4 – infinite MP

Estpolis Denki (エストポリス伝記 *独自の改造チートコード)
08E90FBD – infinite hp (HP減らない)
08E94EBD – infinite mp (MP減らない)

It’s times like this that I’m glad I know technical stuff on top of translator stuff!

4 thoughts on “Lufia & Estpolis Denki Cheat Codes”

  1. One of your dudes is glad for that, too. He was not looking forward to proper grinding Estpolis Denki. 😉

    Two quibbles: post title says “Lufia II,” but this is about the original Lufia & the Fortress of Doom. Also, the Japanese is “Estpolis,” not “Estopolis,” though the extra O is so natural it’s really hard not to get it wrong.

  2. Isn’t it great that you can win the best sword in the game in the intro (as a rare drop)?
    And lose it right after. 🙁
    That happened like one of the first couple times I played the game.

    I remember the ad making the claim that “your actions determine the outcome of the opening story”. You’re so OP (understandably) that you have to try to lose.
    But I did it once only to find out you just get the standard game over scene and then get sent back to the entrance of the dungeon (well, you also lose half your gold which had zero usefulness anyways I believe). I was hoping for an alternate storyline to happen, like where the Sinistrals were allowed to run amuck in those 99 years and do whatever they were planning to do. Maybe that’s something that could happen in modern games but to expect that out of a 1993 console game probably was asking a bit much. 😀
    I think later versions of the ad and the boxart changed that claim to something not obviously wrong like “Experience a thrilling story!”
    Although maybe it could be useful if you were trying to get a low in-game time, as I recall it does reset the in-game timer which counts during the prologue (and in Japanese, opening credits) cutscene.

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