Setting Our Lasers to FOCUS Mode

February 1 marked the start of “Content Month” at Legends of Localization (although now we realize it’ll have to be 2 months or however long it ends up taking). That means we’re spending all our time researching and writing articles, putting together galleries, and compiling and organizing all the screenshots that our GameCats (game catalogers) have been taking. Getting this all done now will free up time and resources when it comes time to work on our next book later this year, because we can release the finished content little by little throughout the year.

Right now we’re making good process compiling ideas for everything, and we’re getting pretty excited with a lot of the stuff we’re digging up. I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you! Lots of neat things from games I’ve never heard of, even.

LoL: EarthBound Named Tofugu’s Best Japanese Learning Book of 2017

Well, this was a nice weekend surprise! Legends of Localization Book 2: EarthBound was chosen by Tofugu as the Best Japanese Learning Book of 2017 :O That’s really weird because we never meant to teach anyone Japanese with this book, haha. But Tofugu’s reason makes a lot of sense:

As we talked it out on the podcast, we realized that everything in this side-by-side analysis of the Japanese game Mother 2 and its English iteration, Earthbound, just had too much information on language, translation decisions, Japanese history and culture, as well as fantastic design. We couldn’t help it… it just wins. There’s something incredibly powerful about being able to see and understand the translation decisions that went into an entire game. And the game is focused more on conversations and puns than fighting, so it will really help your Japanese skills shoot into the stratosphere.

It’s a honor, thank you Tofugu! They wrote a big article on other Japanese learning resources like shows, websites, games, and more. Read the whole thing here!

Lufia & Estpolis Denki Cheat Codes

One of the LoL game cataloging dudes is starting on Lufia 1 and found some infinite HP/MP cheat codes for the English game. He needed the same codes but for the Japanese version, so I did some quick ROM debugging and figured out the equivalent cheat codes. So, if you’re playing Lufia or Estpolis Denki and want infinite HP & MP, here are the codes:

Lufia 1
8236-0F34 – infinite HP
823A-0FC4 – infinite MP

Estpolis Denki (エストポリス伝記 *独自の改造チートコード)
08E90FBD – infinite hp (HP減らない)
08E94EBD – infinite mp (MP減らない)

It’s times like this that I’m glad I know technical stuff on top of translator stuff!

I Made an Erro

Been organizing localization pics again. I renamed a folder today:

I swear I didn’t do that on purpose and I’m not changing it. Haha, it’s too perfect.

You Are Involved in a Crie

Yesterday I was looking through server logs and realized I should probably prevent image hotlinking on all the stuff in the LoL research section – with something like 50,000+ images on there it was really bogging stuff down. I decided at the last minute to provide a replacement pic, so I spent 15 seconds finding something. That something is this:

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the LoL 404 page you might enjoy it too: link

NES Wanderbar Testing

Thanks to the Ninja Gaiden Super Bowl, the House of Poemato can finally get excited about Super Bowl Sunday! Mato was doing all sorts of programming and testing the other day. Little Zuuly was disturbed by the sounds my phone was making.

NES Wanderbar Progress

My custom emulator sidebar hacky stuff (aka Wanderbar) that I developed about 8 months ago isn’t ready for public release yet, but I’ve recently picked it back up and started to incorporate it into an NES emulator. It’s not at the same level as the SNES Wanderbar but it’s pretty close.

To test everything out, I used Ninja Gaiden II and tried to re-create my old Ninja Gaiden II memory-watching-XNA-program that barely worked and wasn’t fully reliable. It was surprisingly easier to put together using my Wanderbar setup than before, which is a good sign.

(This stream screenshot is with the NES Wanderbar in action)

Speaking of which, our yearly Ninja Gaiden Super Bowl is this weekend! I’m gonna try to get further in Ninja Gaiden II than last year. I better practice up before then. You can catch the stream live here sometime on Sunday.

Sumo Where’s Waldo

Mato & I have been watching the New Year Basho (Sumo Tournament) for the past few weeks. It’s our first time really paying attention to the sport, and we’ve learned so much. I’m officially a sumo fan, heck yeah, I wanna see some matches in person!

Sumo is considered a dying sport, so the audience at the Basho was mostly elderly Japanese people. Every once in a while, Mato & I would spot an anomaly in the crowd, and we ended up making at Where’s Waldo game of sorts. Next time you watch a sumo match, keep an eye on the audience as give yourself points if you see:

  • A foreigner
  • A millennial
  • Geisha (we really saw this)
  • Someone holding up a sign
  • A hamburger (still haven’t seen this one)
  • An old person with an old flip phone
  • An excited kid
  • Someone wearing a shirt with English on it
  • Someone knitting

The New Year Basho ended yesterday and the Spring Basho starts on March 11. If you have access to Japanese TV get yourself ready! Maybe if we see more anomalies we can turn it into a bingo game.

Something’s Off, But I Don’t Know What

I was working on a thumbnail for an upcoming gallery today. I’m not great at Photoshop, but I can do simple edits. I agonized over the text and speech bubble in this image for sooooo long, picking the right font, the right weight, the right spacing, etc etc. I used Photoshop’s default speech bubble shape, so I had to make the text fit inside and look good and eye-catching:

I knew something was off, but I didn’t know what. Then my friend Nina, a professional comics penciler, shared some speech bubble tips with me and taught me a neat Photoshop trick. With her help, I was able to make this!

It ain’t perfect, but it’s better than what it was! Learn something new every day~

Our Odyssey Has Ended

We started out intending to only do the main story of Super Mario Odyssey, which we finished this past Monday. People kept encouraging us to get 500 moons to unlock the last of the super secret worlds, and we were like… maybe. But yesterday we hit 250 moons (thanks to the help of the not-very-helpful official guidebook) to unlock the first secret world and oh man. Burnout was happening quickly. So we called it quits for good after completing the first secret world in English and Japanese.

A couple years ago, we ran Yokai Watch into the ground by attempting to complete every side quest in the game after beating the main story. That burned us out on the game pretty badly and we didn’t want the same thing to happen with Odyssey.

But hey, if any of you are still working your way up to 500 moons in the game, please get screenshots of the text in the final secret world for us! We’ll pay ya for your trouble. Thanks~~