Maybe Bobobo Isn’t so B-b-bad

I apologize profusely for the title up there ^

In researching the Four Heavenly Kings, I had to watch a few episodes of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo anime. It grated on me so bad because everyone was yelling and overreacting half the time. I understand it’s a silly anime that breaks a lot of rules, but my gooooodness, I couldn’t take it.

Then I got the first volume of the manga to search for additional examples of Bobobo’s four kings. I found a few references and jokes that had me laughing out loud:

Dangggg, what an obscure reference! I had to look at gameplay of the old Legend of Kage NES game to make sure I was right, and yup. Nice one. I might end up reading this whole manga once my research is done. So hey, if I can’t hear anyone yelling and screaming, Bobobo is a pretty good experience!

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  1. Fun fact: when Bobobo was brought to the US instead of translating the first volume they published a one-shot that combined parts of volumes 9 and 10 so it would have a complete story arc. They then released volumes 11-15 renumbered as volumes 1-5, with Jpn volumes 1-8 and 16-21 never getting a proper release (a few early chapters released in the US Shonen Jump manga). So, a bit of a mess.

      1. To make it worse, the most widely available fan translations of the manga are of the overly literal kind. Kinda kills the humor in some places.

  2. Still one of the things I remember about Legend of Kage was somebody playing/reviewing its sequel Demon Sword.
    Talking about how the way to play the game is to just jump over most of the level.
    ” ‘But that’s not playing with strategy!’ What happens when you play with strategy? (walking through the levels and actually fighting the enemies) YOU FUCKING DIE!” 😀

  3. I adore this series. It is absolutely fantastic and one of the most creative and hilarious manga turned anime of all time. If you ask me there’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever. It’s not supposed to be “deep” or “insightful”, it’s just supposed to be funny. And it does what it sets out to do. I don’t get the negativity and feel it’s 100% unfair.

    1. In fairness, I’m unable to locate the bit where Heidi complains about it not being “deep” or “insightful.” Mostly she complains that it’s loud and annoying, yeah?

  4. “It grated on me so bad because everyone was yelling and overreacting half the time.”

    see this just sounds like all anime to me

    what what did i say

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