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Thank Giygas for ImageOptim

I’ve been working on making thumbnails for each of the 252 individual games that are covered on the main site this week. My work computer is a Mac, which is good and bad in different ways. One bad thing is that many of the programs I use on Windows aren’t available for Macs. BUT! There’s a program called ImageOptim for Macs that removes bloated metadata and crunches the images down to much more web-friendly sizes. Check this baby out:

So much savings!!

Translation Agencies and Their Crappy Websites

As part of a marketing project, I’ve been researching translation agencies located in the US. I can’t believe how bad their websites are! The majority use buzzwords unrelated to translation and many use stock photos in place of photos of their actual team(s). They also have long lists of clients they’ve worked with, but no examples of any of the work they’ve actually produced. I’ve complied some screenshots of the most amusing examples:

About Us: YEAH TRANSLATION! (but not actually us, it’s a stock photo)

Quality translations by stock photo models!!

About Us: No, it’s really about YOU! We are this intimidating man staring into the distance. And our philosophy is buzzwords.

A whole blurb about ASL (American Sign Language), but they use the logo for the ALS Association (an organization fighting the disease commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). This mistake hurts so bad!

I don’t want to do business with any of these companies.