Happy Valentine’s Day, Sukky

We received some weird snacks from Japan this week. These Pocky boxes were a special Valentine’s Day promotion. The names are really weird:

I see what they were going for with “Papa” and “Mama” in there, but what is “Sukky” ?? Maybe 好き (suki)?

Here’s a candy with an unusual name:

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks delicious!

And we found some funny English on a bag of garlic butter-flavored Cheetos:










Oh no, Japan discovered comic sans…


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sukky”

  1. Comic Sans strikes again!

    Is there, like, a comic sans equivalent in Japan (other than when they apparently use actual comic sans for english words :P)?

    1. I guess the closest equivalent visually would be that font used for credits and lyrics in a lot of old anime openings and endings (i.e. Dragon Ball or Fist of the North Star). From an internet culture standpoint however, I’m not exactly sure seeing as I don’t live in Japan.

  2. “Pop your time” sounds like a junk food-themed Zero Wing hack. Garlic butter Cheetos sounds pretty okay though.

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