Mario RPG 2 for the 64DD

Here’s another article from the January 1998 issue of Consoles, a French gaming magazine. Looks like at Space World 1997, Paper Mario was announced as Mario RPG 2. And it looks like it was originally slated to be released on the N64DD!

It was a good thing they changed the name to Paper Mario, as I expect a lot of fans would have been upset that it wasn’t a direct sequel to Super Mario RPG by Square.

2 thoughts on “Mario RPG 2 for the 64DD”

  1. I don’t know if it’s just the quality of their screenshots, but everything looks almost too ‘pixely.’ Like, you can kinda tell it’s papery, but it’s not 100% there or something…

    Obviously it was a WIP at that point, but i’m glad they cleaned it up. I think it looks much better how it actually came out.

    Side note, a Paper Mario remix had just started playing on the oc remix station while I was reading this…spooky…

  2. I think I was disappointed the first time I played that it wasn’t a sequel to Super Mario RPG. But, if you don’t compare the two, then it was surely a good game on its own.

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