Ocarina of Time Beta Screens from French Magazine

We recently picked up a copy of the January 1998 issue of the French gaming magazine called Consoles. It covers Space World 1997, and boyyyyyy there’s a lot of neat stuff in it! First I want to share this spread on Ocarina of Time, where you can see some beta screenshots of the game:


That house-looking building in the market town was later changed to the Happy Mask Shop, and I’m pretty sure that blonde Kokiri in the corner didn’t look like that in the finished game.

These screenshots are probably old news to hardcore Zelda fans, but it’s always really cool to find beta stuff in a tangible thing rather than on the internet. Can you spot any other differences in the screenshots above to the finished game?

3 thoughts on “Ocarina of Time Beta Screens from French Magazine”

  1. Yeah, the blonde Kokiri (Fado) doesn’t look like that, and It’s speculated she originally had a greater role, possibly as a Sage.

  2. Man, they made it all the way to the temple of time without equipping any c button items?

    But the minimaps look weird, like they’re textured or something…interesting.

    1. Yeah, the maps tripped me up a little too. When I was scanning them the pages, I thought the maps were some kind of sneaky hidden watermark at first, haha.

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