Typing in Japanese

English keyboards are used to type non-English languages all the time. I remember when I knew nothing about how people typed Japanese stuff into computers. The topic could probably get its own full LoL article sometime but basically it’s crazy and you can type words in a bunch of different ways to reach the same spelling. For example, here’s how you can type Pikachu’s Japanese name with some English keyboards depending on your setup:

I actually only came across that when I decided “maybe I should see if other names like Yoshi have weird alternate spellings in Japanese” and then found Pikatyu being used on rare occasion. I’d love to make a gallery of alternate spellings of beloved characters someday.

2 thoughts on “Typing in Japanese”

  1. I have the German edition of this game. The main character girl’s name is Lea Taste which is a play on “Leertaste” which means “space bar.”

    Her English name is apparently Paige Down, obvious pun. What’s her name in Japanese?

  2. Only partly game-related, but the strangest alternate spelling I’ve seen is the Japanese trailers for Dragon Ball FighterZ that have Krillin’s name spelled “Klilyn”.

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