Behind the Scenes – Stuck in a Video Game Commercial

My coworker and I did some filming for a commercial yesterday! It’s for the I’m Stuck in a Video Game book written by Game Center CX’s producer & narrator, and illustrated & translated by Nina Matsumoto. The LoL team also added a substantial amount of extra content – interviews, behind-the-scenes sketches and photos, and more.

We filmed it at bossman reidman’s house with the help of his family. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos I took during production:


Now comes editing, adding in special effects, getting music composed, and narration! The book will release once we have this commercial in the bag (hopefully next week?)~

1 thought on “Behind the Scenes – Stuck in a Video Game Commercial”

  1. Whew! I saw that SNES controller next to the NES and was like “oh no, you’re not going to be like those TV shows where they play a PS3 that makes 2600 sounds?” 😛

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