We Have a Page Count

The Funky Fantasy IV book is deep in crunch mode and there’s still so much to do before our early October deadline. In fact, we figured out a final page count only yesterday: 240 pages. In actuality it’s a little less, since some of those pages will get used by the legal info page and other stuff. Here’s where it all ends though:

I think that’s even longer than the first Zelda LoL book!

4 thoughts on “We Have a Page Count”

  1. Is this one gonna be a hardback like the Zelda/Earthbound ones, or a smaller paperback like the bad translation one? You’ve probably said that somewhere else already but I have a terrible memory…

      1. Alright, I kinda figured that’d be the case. Looking forward to it! I’ve actually been tempted to run the streams in the background at work again 😛

  2. Could you think about numbering the pages with Google translations?
    Ichi, Into, San, I, Your, Slow, Ten, Bee, Male, Gun
    eleven, twelve, gun, fourteen, Jungo, Twenty minutes, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty-one

    Okay, so it looks like only about half of those are funny and I assume with larger numbers it would be an even smaller proportion.

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