The Fence

While putting the upcoming Funky Fantasy IV book together I keep discovering or rediscovering great lines. I’m almost tempted to do another stream of the game in the near future with cheats on so we can blast through the game in like two days. That way I can get screenshots of all this stuff I missed – it turns out when we streamed it last year I only took a few screenshots once in a while since I had no idea it would turn into a serious book project down the road. The book schedule is pretty tight as it is though so I dunno how doable a few stream days would be though.

4 thoughts on “The Fence”

      1. :O

        That’d be awesome! Don’t push yourselves too much, though, I know you’ve got a ton going on.

        Although, if you need the screenshots anyway, then it’s still technically working, right? 😛

  1. I guess you would only get “a few days” if those were marathon days like Mato’s Mother 2 Wii U launch party.

    If you stopped to talk to everyone and find as many lines as possible, it’s probably still like a 15-20 hour game without grinding. Or am I over-estimating it?

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