Site Design & Funky Fantasy IV Book Progress

I’ve been working on a lot of stuff this week even though it barely feels like it.

One good piece of news is that a Fangamer pal helped make the HTML of the new site design for the main LoL site. I’ve still got a lot of internal work to do to make it work with my custom WordPress coding so I don’t think the design will be up for a few months, but it’s good to see it coming together finally. The best thing is that it’s mobile-friendly and can resize automatically to fit different screen types / dimensions. Besides being super helpful for mobile readers, it’ll help with search engine ranking too, since mobile friendly plays a part in those crazy algorithms too.

The last few days Tony and I have been working on the base layout for the upcoming Funky Fantasy IV book. It’s coming along well but it’s still very early and will change a lot I’m sure. At the moment it looks like it’ll be in the area of 250-300 pages long. Here are some example layouts we experimented with earlier this week that are now outdated.

We’re already working on something different from those two samples. We’ve decided what kind of info we’ll continue to use, what kind of info we’ll drop (mostly the uninformative ones that sound like they’re from a bad TruTV show), and how we’ll arrange things. In the end it looks like it’s going to be a mix between our This be book bad translations, video games! book and our main Legends of Localization books.

It doesn’t look like much now but I can tell this is gonna be one of my favorite books I ever work on!

4 thoughts on “Site Design & Funky Fantasy IV Book Progress”

    1. I’m not sure, but I think some of the recent posts on the main LoL site already let you see hover text on pics if you tap them. If I’m remembering right, then that should carry over to the new design eventually.

  1. “Takara if the child had entered…” was the version 1 translation (I’m guessing instead of translating takara-bako, it read it as takaraba + ko).
    Version 2 I believe was “That is why… was on.” or something close (like “That is why Japanese was on.” (I remember one of my many bad Photoshops was about Kid Enters, the Mini-curing item, I think it was.)

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