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NES Wanderbar Progress

My custom emulator sidebar hacky stuff (aka Wanderbar) that I developed about 8 months ago isn’t ready for public release yet, but I’ve recently picked it back up and started to incorporate it into an NES emulator. It’s not at the same level as the SNES Wanderbar but it’s pretty close.

To test everything out, I used Ninja Gaiden II and tried to re-create my old Ninja Gaiden II memory-watching-XNA-program that barely worked and wasn’t fully reliable. It was surprisingly easier to put together using my Wanderbar setup than before, which is a good sign.

(This stream screenshot is with the NES Wanderbar in action)

Speaking of which, our yearly Ninja Gaiden Super Bowl is this weekend! I’m gonna try to get further in Ninja Gaiden II than last year. I better practice up before then. You can catch the stream live here sometime on Sunday.

Our Odyssey Has Ended

We started out intending to only do the main story of Super Mario Odyssey, which we finished this past Monday. People kept encouraging us to get 500 moons to unlock the last of the super secret worlds, and we were like… maybe. But yesterday we hit 250 moons (thanks to the help of the not-very-helpful official guidebook) to unlock the first secret world and oh man. Burnout was happening quickly. So we called it quits for good after completing the first secret world in English and Japanese.

A couple years ago, we ran Yokai Watch into the ground by attempting to complete every side quest in the game after beating the main story. That burned us out on the game pretty badly and we didn’t want the same thing to happen with Odyssey.

But hey, if any of you are still working your way up to 500 moons in the game, please get screenshots of the text in the final secret world for us! We’ll pay ya for your trouble. Thanks~~

Ahh, the Fresh Smell of a New Year

Happy 2018! Mato & I took a much-needed break over the last 2 weeks to relax and play a lot of video games. I played tons of Stardew Valley on the Switch while he played a bunch of PS4 games. The Switch has become my favorite console of the current generation, just because I can take it anywhere I want. It’s great for married couples who want to play different games at the same time! But if you want to play a Switch game at the same time… well, I guess buy another Switch x_x

Getting back to Legends of Localization, today we had (and are still having) a long meeting about our plans for 2018. Hoo, boy! There’s a lot we want to do. We’ll probably start a new stream project pretty soon. Right now we’re working on redesigning our stream layout.

How was your holiday? 😀

Sunday’s Surprise Breath of Fire Stream

This past Sunday, I was cleaning up some cat barf when Mato walked up to me and said, “This is probably the best time to ask this. Do you wanna stream?”

Getting new screenshots has been a big part of the main LoL site’s upgrade. Mato needed a set of screenshots from Breath of Fire, so hey, why don’t we stream the hunt? We didn’t announce it, we just did it.

To our surprise, many people showed up to watch! Lots of old regulars and a few new people. It was very heartwarming because a lot of people said they missed us. The last time we streamed was back in June, and we’ve indeed missed talking to all of you guys too! We can’t get back on a regular streaming schedule yet, but we do want to get back to it sometime. Mato’s got his sights set on a side-by-side Final Fantasy VI T-edition translation stream 😮

Legends of Localization Stream-iversary

One year ago today, Poemato CX went professional and Mato & I began a daily Legends of Localization stream. We kicked things off with Breath of Fire II, playing through the whole thing and getting screenshots of all the text in the game. We went on to play Zelda: A Link to the Past, Funky Fantasy IV, Tengai Makyo: The Apocalypse 4, Tomato Adventure, Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets, Super Mario RPG, and many many more.

We also did non-game streams, like asking God Jesus Robot questions, looking through old Japanese gaming magazines, and unboxing some of the merchandise we’re always buying for books and projects.

We were gonna stream something for the anniversary, but we’re unfortunately too busy. I’m helping to assemble and ship out the Undertale Collector’s Edition, and Mato’s in crunch-time for the Funky Fantasy IV book. I hope we’re able to get back to a regular streaming schedule sometime, though. I miss it.

The Fence

While putting the upcoming Funky Fantasy IV book together I keep discovering or rediscovering great lines. I’m almost tempted to do another stream of the game in the near future with cheats on so we can blast through the game in like two days. That way I can get screenshots of all this stuff I missed – it turns out when we streamed it last year I only took a few screenshots once in a while since I had no idea it would turn into a serious book project down the road. The book schedule is pretty tight as it is though so I dunno how doable a few stream days would be though.