Ahh, the Fresh Smell of a New Year

Happy 2018! Mato & I took a much-needed break over the last 2 weeks to relax and play a lot of video games. I played tons of Stardew Valley on the Switch while he played a bunch of PS4 games. The Switch has become my favorite console of the current generation, just because I can take it anywhere I want. It’s great for married couples who want to play different games at the same time! But if you want to play a Switch game at the same time… well, I guess buy another Switch x_x

Getting back to Legends of Localization, today we had (and are still having) a long meeting about our plans for 2018. Hoo, boy! There’s a lot we want to do. We’ll probably start a new stream project pretty soon. Right now we’re working on redesigning our stream layout.

How was your holiday? 😀


4 thoughts on “Ahh, the Fresh Smell of a New Year”

  1. Happy new year guys! Hope this year isn’t as busy for you.

    I also spent the holiday catching up on some of my huge gaming backlog. Finally got around to beating Mario Galaxy 2. I like to keep with the times, y’know?

    Hope to see you guys back streaming soon! Everyone in the discord misses you guys!

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