Sunday’s Surprise Breath of Fire Stream

This past Sunday, I was cleaning up some cat barf when Mato walked up to me and said, “This is probably the best time to ask this. Do you wanna stream?”

Getting new screenshots has been a big part of the main LoL site’s upgrade. Mato needed a set of screenshots from Breath of Fire, so hey, why don’t we stream the hunt? We didn’t announce it, we just did it.

To our surprise, many people showed up to watch! Lots of old regulars and a few new people. It was very heartwarming because a lot of people said they missed us. The last time we streamed was back in June, and we’ve indeed missed talking to all of you guys too! We can’t get back on a regular streaming schedule yet, but we do want to get back to it sometime. Mato’s got his sights set on a side-by-side Final Fantasy VI T-edition translation stream 😮

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Surprise Breath of Fire Stream”

  1. One of Poe’s comments was like “but I know a real-life Nina! Why can’t her name be Neener?!”

    Neener reminds of when my mom used to watch her favorite football team, the Vikings (not a very good team, but I’ve seen some would argue not as bad either) on TV. Always screaming at them “AHHHHHHHHH! WHAT A BUNCH OF NINNIES!” 🙁

    And I had met at least one real-life Nina as well. Not famous, though.

  2. Of course we missed you guys! I just wish I could’ve been there the whole time 🙁

    I’m torn on a FF VI stream, though…I haven’t played it yet, but would like to play it before watching…I guess it IS on the SNES classic, though…hmm…might have to push off the other bunch of RPGs I’m halfway through (not like I wasn’t already :P)

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