Wander Also Likes Mario Kart

American Thanksgiving was yesterday. Delicious food was eaten! One of Mato’s traditions is to play Super Mario Kart on Thanksgiving. Wander settled down on my lap and watched each race intently.

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions involving video games? Shadow of the Colossus is another Thanksgiving game for us.

1 thought on “Wander Also Likes Mario Kart”

  1. I am failing my own Thanksgiving tradition.
    Missed playing Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts on Thanksgiving for a couple years now.
    That basically stemmed from when I used to rent games from the grocery store as a kid. They were closed on Thanksgiving so we used to take advantage of that by renting games in time to get a free day out of it. And out of the store’s selection, SGnG was a frequent pick. I think I used to rent Super Adventure Island and, surprisingly, Xardion a lot.
    It was also the only place I knew of to rent Game Boy games, though with only literally a handful to choose from. Bart vs. the Juggernauts being one of the few. So I bought that a couple years ago thinking of playing it for a nostalgia stream, but that didn’t happen. (they did extreme sports about as well as platforming 😛 )

    I ended up copying Mato’s pie trend (though I’m still going with the ice cream pies even if you are now classy enough for the real pies 🙂 Sadly the store didn’t have the strawberry one this year when I just remembered to go pick one up.)
    Though I think I have the same sentiment as Mato about Totino’s pizza. They’re so cheap and crappy but somehow enjoyable when I’m too cheap to pay more for something better. It’s certainly $1.50 quality. 😀

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