Yam Yam is Yum Yum

While doing some research, I came across a Super Famicom game called Yam Yam (or Yum Yum). It’s an adorable-looking game with interesting characters, cute towns, and Space Harrier shooting!!!

You ride around on platypus-looking thing during the shooting parts. I’m sad that this one never left Japan.

2 thoughts on “Yam Yam is Yum Yum”

  1. I think there was a gold cartridge variant but I can’t remember if it was real or not. Last I heard the only known copy was in the possession of a Japanese game store called Mandarake and despite a crazy price like $3,000 or something they actually didn’t/don’t want to sell the game.
    I remember someone saying they bought a gold cart from Thailand or Taiwan that turned out to be a fraud (either a fake or a normal copy re-painted).

    The only other game I’ve heard with a questioned gold cart is the Japanese version of Castlevania: Bloodlines (which is already a very expensive game, though the US release is still quite pricey for what should be a common game).

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