Berseria is Hit by the Tales Curse

There’s a weird thing that happens with Tales of [fill in the blank] games. The main story is localized and voice-acted very well, but then you run into weird typos and strange wording in the “lesser text”. That’s what I call the stuff that NPCs might say to you, or the text in sidequests that aren’t necessary to complete the game. What you get is a game that seems like it was translated by two different companies – which is probably the case for Tales games.

I call it the Tales Curse.

Our buddy Ian Burch collected a bunch of examples of weird problems found in the sidequests near the end (or postgame?) of Tales of Berseria. I’ll be putting together a gallery of them all sometime, but here’s a look at one of my favorites from the bunch:

Ah, hmmmm. …. hmmm【・ヘ・?】

2 thoughts on “Berseria is Hit by the Tales Curse”

  1. I’ve noticed this while playing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment as well (a much older game, maybe things haven’t changed so much since then). The main story text is well-translated, but it looks like they pulled in some interns to translate all the flavor/sidequest text that’s more out of the way. I wonder if this is common in other RPGs with loads and loads of text?

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