Stop Poisoning my Pies!

I’m on day ??? of organizing our big folder full of localization pics. Some game series have so many localization mishaps that I’ve given them their own folder. Most recently I added Breath of Fire, Ace Attorney, Harvest Moon, SMT, and Persona. And there’s also a Mario folder, not because those games have a lot of mistakes, but because it’s surprising when a mistake slips by the editors and QA team at Nintendo.

Below is my favorite pic of the day. I don’t know what game it’s from, but holy goodness gracious, that sounds like a horrible ailment. What an awful person!

Come to think of it, a non-poisoned marsupial pie doesn’t sound all that appealing.

8 thoughts on “Stop Poisoning my Pies!”

  1. Yeah, this was a running gag in the game Illusion of Gaia/Time. The main character Will was raised by his aunt and uncle whom you see on the right there. Will’s aunt is the one speaking. She makes great tasting pies out of horrible ingredients. In this scene in order to help her nephew escape from some soldiers she drugged the pie she fed to the soldiers.

    Good game and quite a big deal at the time. Nintendo of America put a lot of effort into promoting the game. 2nd Part of Quintet’s Soul Blazer trilogy. It’s a shame it wasn’t included on the SNES classic.

  2. Is that (what is presumed) the Enix prototype version (before it was licensed to Nintendo)?
    I mean the translation does feel like an Enix level of sometimes-bad English, compared to Nintendo’s usually polished (at least by the 16-bit era) work.

    The only mistake I can recall in the Nintendo-released version is they missed one instance in the text (I think in Edward’s Castle) when they changed Karen’s name to Kara.

    1. And here’s someone playing the prototype. Man, Youtube has everything.

      “I destroyed their stomachs with a poisoned apple pie.”

      It looks like Nintendo was working from Enix’s script but decided to add a little humor (while also softening “destroyed their stomachs” to “destroyed their digestion.”) My guess is this was done by someone short on time, possibly without having access to the original text.

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