LoL: EarthBound Named Tofugu’s Best Japanese Learning Book of 2017

Well, this was a nice weekend surprise! Legends of Localization Book 2: EarthBound was chosen by Tofugu as the Best Japanese Learning Book of 2017 :O That’s really weird because we never meant to teach anyone Japanese with this book, haha. But Tofugu’s reason makes a lot of sense:

As we talked it out on the podcast, we realized that everything in this side-by-side analysis of the Japanese game Mother 2 and its English iteration, Earthbound, just had too much information on language, translation decisions, Japanese history and culture, as well as fantastic design. We couldn’t help it… it just wins. There’s something incredibly powerful about being able to see and understand the translation decisions that went into an entire game. And the game is focused more on conversations and puns than fighting, so it will really help your Japanese skills shoot into the stratosphere.

It’s a honor, thank you Tofugu! They wrote a big article on other Japanese learning resources like shows, websites, games, and more. Read the whole thing here!

Lufia & Estpolis Denki Cheat Codes

One of the LoL game cataloging dudes is starting on Lufia 1 and found some infinite HP/MP cheat codes for the English game. He needed the same codes but for the Japanese version, so I did some quick ROM debugging and figured out the equivalent cheat codes. So, if you’re playing Lufia or Estpolis Denki and want infinite HP & MP, here are the codes:

Lufia 1
8236-0F34 – infinite HP
823A-0FC4 – infinite MP

Estpolis Denki (エストポリス伝記 *独自の改造チートコード)
08E90FBD – infinite hp (HP減らない)
08E94EBD – infinite mp (MP減らない)

It’s times like this that I’m glad I know technical stuff on top of translator stuff!

I Made an Erro

Been organizing localization pics again. I renamed a folder today:

I swear I didn’t do that on purpose and I’m not changing it. Haha, it’s too perfect.

You Are Involved in a Crie

Yesterday I was looking through server logs and realized I should probably prevent image hotlinking on all the stuff in the LoL research section – with something like 50,000+ images on there it was really bogging stuff down. I decided at the last minute to provide a replacement pic, so I spent 15 seconds finding something. That something is this:

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the LoL 404 page you might enjoy it too: link