Not Even a Map Can Save You!

I was working on getting screenshots from an old Japanese text adventure game for an upcoming article. All the text is in English, so I thought I’d have a decent chance of knowing what I was doing. Hah, I was wrong. Even the age-old trick of drawing a map didn’t help:

Some of the rooms didn’t connect properly at all. Like, if I went West from the Tem Rei room, I’d end up two screens north. And if I go East from that same room, I’m suddenly three screens north. And then some rooms repeat if you keep going the same direction. The game doesn’t tell you that you can’t go West from “road”, it keeps reloading the screen so you think you’re on a road that stretches on forever.

Also, don’t ever hit a ZAK. It’s instant death.

6 thoughts on “Not Even a Map Can Save You!”

  1. There’s something really fun about drawing maps for games. The last time I did it was maybe… a year ago? But I was playing an old tactics RPG on the PS1. It has NIGHTMARISHLY HUGE dungeons! I started drawing maps just to help myself navigate, and it made me realize just how big they were!

    1. It’s a dying art, for sure. I’d love to see some kind of art book that gathers together hand-drawn video game maps from all over the world :3

  2. Is this the same game you guys played on stream that one time? I seem to recall hitting ZAK being very bad…I also think I gave you the helpful suggestion to try DIE, which didn’t end up doing anything anyway 😛

    1. Haha, it is SO easy for me to forget games that we’ve played on stream. I’ve had to play this Gundam game at least 10 times to get the bad endings, so I doubt I’ll forget it now x_x

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