Localization Issues Pervade the Ys VIII Switch Port

Whoops, YS VIII is goofin’ again. The Switch port releases next week and GameXplain did a really excellent review on it: watch it here! Their review is almost glowing, but then they point out the lack of localization polish…

Dang, what the heck happened? After all the fuss made over the PS4 version’s subpar localization (the president of NISA even issued a public apology) and the huge effort to rewrite the script and re-record all the voice acting, how did this happen?

2 thoughts on “Localization Issues Pervade the Ys VIII Switch Port”

  1. Some of the scuttlebutt I’ve heard suggests that the review copies have the original, horrible script, which will presumably be patched when the game officially launches. Why the game has the bad script on the cartridge instead of the new, proper one is certainly a valid question, though.

  2. The same company that added bugs that could literally kill your system. I have no idea how NISA is still around, let alone be (at least a few years ago) the one part of NIS that actually makes money.

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