Results of the Pokemon “Localize Me” Challenge

A week or so ago on Twitter, I challenged people to come up with a localized English name for this prototype Pokemon from the Gold/Silver demo leak:

I received a lot of good responses! Here’s a short list of some of the most popular ones (based on likes) and also some personal favorites:

  • Purrent
  • Shockat / Shockitty
  • Voltiger
  • Amplidude
  • Cirkitt
  • Ampster
  • Chubbs McFattybolt
  • Tigawatt
  • Wattashock
  • Volcub / Circub
  • Thunpurr / Zappurr
  • Bob
  • Amplirunt
  • Tiger Electronics

Of course, I ignored the character limit for the best-of list 😉 That was fun, so I might do a few more in the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “Results of the Pokemon “Localize Me” Challenge”

  1. Chubbs is clearly best w/ Bob and Tiger Electronics tied for second, but most authentic would be Purrent for this mon and Voltiger for its evo imo.

  2. Purrent and Cirkitt are the only ones that sound like real Pokemon names that Nintendo would actually use, at least for what would probably have been an early evolution stage like this looks to be.

    Tiger Electronics is great, though.

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