All Yossy, All the Time!

Mato spotted a decently-priced set of Barcode Battler II cards forĀ Super Mario World on eBay the other day. Swoosh! Snatched up!!

You might be able to guess by looking at the cover that we wanted these cards becaaaaaause:

More instances of Yoshi’s name romanized as Yossy! I’ll get these cards scanned real nice and add them to the Yossy Image Gallery soon~

2 thoughts on “All Yossy, All the Time!”

  1. Well, Kamek is notable too.
    Was Kamek in Yoshi’s Island (SMW2) meant to be a personal name, or just his species name (which was Magikoopa in SMW)?

    1. I would think Kamek is just the species name in Yoshi’s Island like it was in Super Mario World and every game after. It was probably just a translation error like “Kuribo’s Shoe” instead of “Goomba’s Shoe” in Super Mario Bros. 2, and “Nok Nok Shell” instead of “Koopa Troopa Shell” in Super Mario RPG.

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