More Goofs from the Google Translate App

One of the best things about receiving packages from Japan is using the Google Translate phone app on the newspapers stuffed inside the boxes for padding. We got a game recently (which I still need to post about), and the app churned out some funny phrases on the newspapers:

We will never be free of eagles here at LoL.

2 thoughts on “More Goofs from the Google Translate App”

  1. Going to have to find out what the anniversary of “Are you an eagle?” is. That should be an LoL holiday.

    And that first image makes me think “weeaboo free”.
    I guess I’m not familiar enough with the meaning of that word to understand if it applies. Is that sort of people one who likes EVERYTHING Japanese better, down to like newspapers (beyond the typical interest area of games/anime/manga/toys)?

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