A Cup of Dissidia

Hey, it’s been quiet around here lately! That’s because I was on vacation last week and I completely cut myself off from anything work-related. It was a great experience and I encourage everyone who’s able to take vacations to leave your work at work and enjoy your time off! Also, delete the Slack app on your phone and keep it off your phone forever.

Anyway, while I was away in a completely different state (and a different state of mind), I came across some interesting noodles:

I’d heard about these noodles before, but I never expected to find them at a gas station in the middle of nowhere! Like any good video game fan, instead of eating these noodles, I’m gonna display them on a shelf until the heat death of the universe.

3 thoughts on “A Cup of Dissidia”

  1. The Cup Noodles tie-in is arguably my favorite thing about Final Fantasy 15. Not only are there giant billboards everywhere advertising Cup Noodles, there’s an entire questline about them, culminating in some completely bizarre ad-copy dialogue about how they’re pretty much the “perfect food.” It’s completely surreal and hilarious.

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