Very Early Funky Fantasy 4 Book Sample

Mato & Tony have been hard at work writing and designing the Funky Fantasy 4 book these past few weeks. Here’s a peek at a page printed on our weird office printer that will definitely change by the time the book is finished:

We also need to figure out what to call this book. “Funky Fantasy IV” doesn’t get the point across very easily! D:

5 thoughts on “Very Early Funky Fantasy 4 Book Sample”

  1. Maybe you could still call it Funky Fantasy or something but have a short subtitle that explains the idea? I feel like you should still have Funky Fantasy in the title somehow…or at least some iconic line from it.

    Funky Fantasy: How a machine would’ve localized a video game
    Funky Fantasy: AKA why we need translators
    Everything Went Wrong! The story of a game translated by a machine

  2. I also agree; Funky Fantasy should be part of the title.

    The subtitle could be “That’s why the eagle was on.” 🙂

    Or it could be “Adventures in machine translation.” With this, “adventures” has two meanings – a role-playing game and our shared journey through automated localization.

    1. I like “Adventures in Machine Translation”. Short, descriptive, and not an in-joke that you’d need to read the book (or have watched the streams) to understand.

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