What Could Have Been

About a year or two before I started working with Fangamer to make Legends of Localization books, I considered making books on my own. Anyone who knows me knows that my design senses are poop though, as this mega alpha first test prototype experiment PDF shows:

I think I was just seeing how the current LoL site would look if converted straight into book format. I’m glad I decided it was a bad idea. I think I also calculated it out and a Final Fantasy IV LoL book in this sort of format would’ve been around a thousand pages or more anyway 😯

4 thoughts on “What Could Have Been”

  1. ‘This is the legal stuff near the front of the book blah blah please don’t sue me I’m a poor orphan robot from the 1800s’

    Lol, you should’ve left that in your actual books (or maybe you did…I can’t say I’ve checked…).

  2. Seeing what is basically Mato’s site on paper…
    Mato, do you think you can figure out some way that I can get secret alt text to appear in your books if I point at the images?

    Actually there probably is something like that which could be done. I’m remember now a game, I think it was Outburst, with answer cards with text only visible with a red filter plate thing.

    1. We actually thought really hard about hiding “alt text” in book form! At one point we were considering a layer of glow-in-the-dark ink as the alt text over the images. In the end, we decided to make the captions next to the pictures the alt text.

      1. I think it works well enough to just have the captions.

        Glow-in-the-dark would’ve been interesting, though most likely annoying, as you couldn’t really ever see the picture and the text at the same time, so you’d need to keep flipping the lights.

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